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From the historic Coachella Valley, Since 1995 Hess has offered the one of the nation’s largest selections of premium palm trees. With our time-tested shovel diamond cut we offer premium, disease-free and warranted trees. Hess sells, ships and installs palms to California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida. With our internal team of experts as well as our working relationships with the federal, state and local Department of Agriculture Authorities, Hess Palms guarantees that all deliveries are certified and pest-freefor induction into all local communities.

Phoenix Dactylifera ‘Deglet Noor’

The Deglet Noor is a staple palm commonly used in California, Arizona and Nevada. It is an excellent choice for drier climates. It has a broader, more open canopy than the Medjool and Zahidi varieties. The Deglet Noor appears to decline over the years in high humidity climates; therefore, it is not recommended for Florida and the Gulf Coast regions.

This palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape. It will give a sense of the tropics with little cost. Palm trees are also great for indoors because they act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier by removing carbon monoxide and replacing the air with fresh oxygen. Real palm trees make a home feel like home by giving you the feel of nature inside or out.

Available in sizes 10′ – 55′

Phoenix Dactylifera 'Zahidi'

The Zahidi is an excellent choice in all regions where date palms are used. Zahidi dates have been successfully utilized in just about every possible application. In staggered groups, in rows lining avenues or as freestanding, very formal specimens, Zahidis are natural attention getters, so you cannot go wrong with these awesome specimens. Zahidi dates bring impact and formality to every job site on which they are utilized.

Available in sizes 10′ – 30′

Phoenix Dactylifera ‘Medjool’

The Medjool Date Palm is known for its tasty delicious fruits produced 2 to 3 times a year.

Landscape designing with Medjool Date Palm trees is easy and can make a great impact on the overall design. The Medjool Date Palm is often used near pools, homes, churches, hotels and also near beaches because it is very salt water tolerant. It is the perfect date palm for any landscape.

The Medjool is an excellent choice for all regions that use date palms. It thrives in the hot and dry climate of the Southwest and it adapts very well to the high humidity of Florida and the Gulf Coast. The Medjool also tolerates the lower temperatures and higher humidity along the California Coastal Zone better than the Deglet Noor. The Medjool has a more compact canopy and a deeper green color than the other varieties of Phoenix Dactylifera.

Available in sizes 8-24′ , 28-53′

Washingtonia filifera

The California fan palm will eventually grow to 50 ft. Unlike other palms, as the leaves of California fan palm die, they fold down against the stout trunk rather than dropping off. This dense shag or thatch of dead leaves may be burned away with a light fire. The large, gray-green leaf blades are from 3-6 ft. long and segmented nearly to the middle. They hang from stout, spiny petioles. Relatively small, whitish flowers are followed by hard, black, pea-sized fruits.

The largest native palm of the continental United States as well as the only western species, it is also known as Desert-palm. Another name is Petticoat-palm from the shaggy mass of dead leaves hanging against the trunk. Groves are in Palm Canyon near Palm Springs and in Joshua Tree National Monument. It is cultivated widely as an ornamental along streets and avenues in southern California, southern Arizona, the Gulf States east to Florida, and in subtropical regions around the world. Indians ate the berries, both fresh and dry, and ground the seeds into meal. This genus honors the first president of the United States.

Available in sizes 6′ – 33′

 Washingtonia robusta

Large, rapid growing, and hardy all describe the Mexican Fan Palms.   Native to the riparian washes and gullies of Northern Mexico, Baja, Southern California and Arizona Mexican Fan Palm trees are very drought and salt tolerant once established.  Adapted to a wide range of soil types, and climates.  This species easily hybridizes with the California/Desert Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera) and a wide variation in phenotypes (outward appearance and growth characteristics) occurs under cultivated conditions. 

Commonly seen at 40 to 50 feet but capable of soaring to 80 feet in height, Washington Palm is quickly recognized as the much-used, straight, single-trunked street palm of years past. The lower leaves persist on the tree after they die, forming a dense, brown, shaggy covering below the living, bright green, broad, fan-shaped leaves, giving it the common name of petticoat palm. These dead fronds are known to be a fire hazard and a popular bedding roost for rodents and, because of this, must be removed by law in some areas. The sharply barbed leaf petioles and tall, thin trunks make frond removal a rather unpleasant task, but some people think the rapid growth rate and statuesque appearance more than make up for this trouble.

Available in sizes 6′ – 33′

Washingtonia filibusta

A cross between two species of palms, Washingtonia filifera and Washingtonia robusta, the “filibusta” is thought by many in the landscape industry to be a superior hybrid. This hybrid carries many of the traits and characteristics of its “parents” mixed into a palm that is fairly fast growing. Filibustas tend to have a heavier trunk then the Robusta variety but not as gigantic as the Filifera. The fronds too are larger than is commonly found on the Robusta but again, not as large as the Filifera. Filibustas are cold hardy up into Zone 8. Once established onsite, these palms will take freezes down into the mid teens. During these extreme freeze events, the canopies will burn back but so long as the palms were otherwise healthy, they will grow back out during a single season.

Available in sizes 6′ –25′

Project Diversity:

Over the years, Hess hav had the privilege to work on a variety of inspiring and exciting projects.  Watching a vision, a magnificent landscape, unfold and become a reality is something we never tire of.   We work on a broad range of unique, mature palm relocation, supply, installation and renovation projects for:  Commercial Projects (golf courses, hotels and resorts), Residential Projects, City and State Projects (renovation of parks and recreation facilities, city centers, senior centers), TV and Film Ventures (Stage sets), and homeowners looking for a unique “centerpiece” for their backyard.  

Phoenix Dactylifera Zahidi
Phoenix Dactylifera ‘Deglet Noor’
Phoenix Dactylifera ‘Medjool’
Washingtonia robusta
Washingtonia FiliBusta
Washingtonia filifera

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